Our world moves towards greater sensitivity for the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. This implies a real interest in environmental, health and safety issues related to chemical products and other manufactured goods as well as industrial processing.

The working area of the leather and fur technician in the 21st century tannery technician has changed dramatically. Traditionally, it was all about technical craftsmanship, profound expertise on the quality of raw material, the best possible processing for achieving high quality leather articles and the knowledge of all technical leather requirements. This by itself was a big challenge. In our times, topics such as sustainable plant management, international and local chemical laws and the various possible hazardous materials which may banned by different lables or organisations are given additional focus. 

A milestone towards climate neutrality in leather chemicals is the initiative Pulcra Naturalis®. This new portfolio focuses on the use of renewable carbon sources and the reduction of GHG emissions in the production of leather chemicals. Using Pulcra Naturalis® products, the carbon footprint of natural leather is further improved.

At Pulcra Chemicals, we commit ourselves to sustainability, taking it as the central pillar of our management decisions. Sustainability we understand as a cross-section of three important principles:  PEOPLE    PLANET    PROFIT


PEOPLE – We are making our products less evasive to human health, especially by avoiding hazardous substances wherever possible. This is a big plus for our tannery workers as well as the end-consumer.


PLANET – In our production plants we are running projects for better use of resources, such as water and energy. Furthermore, we are providing solutions for our customers to improve the eco-footprint of their productions.


PROFIT – Our products and applications follow the highest possible technical standards. The idea is to reduce the usage amount of chemicals, generate less waste in production and the achievement of high-quality and long-lasting premium leather and fur articles. This is a benefit for all of us.



Friendly to skin, efficient to hide

Pulcra Chemicals supplies the leather sector with a complete range of specialties designed to ensure that the material can be easily processed and efficiently upgraded to the highest quality standards applicable to leather goods.

A timeless combination: high quality leather and exclusive fur articles and Pulcra Chemicals auxiliaries. Our specialties are employed in all process stages, from cleaning and degreasing hides through fatting to dyeing and finishing. Supported by technical consulting from our experts, leather and fur processors around the world are successfully applying Pulcra Chemicals‘ know-how to improve product quality, increase process speed, and reduce water consumption. 

We deliver technically proven solutions aligned to the specific customer requirements for different end uses:

Automotive Leather
• Garment Leather
• Upholstery Leather
• Shoe Upper Leather
• Sheep/Fine Fur
• Glove


Our approach at Pulcra Chemicals is the implementation of practical actions in the manufacturing processes of our chemical auxiliaries making the production and products even more environmentally sound, meeting all safety and health requirements and giving high quality leather and fur articles. We present pulcrACTIONS, a guide for improving the sustainability of processing by making better use of resources and obtaining higher quality leathers and furs. 


  • pulcrACTIONS Fatliquor Sustainability
  • pulcrACTIONS Formaldehyde free leather
  • pulcrACTIONS Cr(VI) free leathers
  • pulcrACTIONS Sustainable Beamhouse
  • pulcrACTIONS Water saving and excellent leather properties
  • pulcrACTIONS Surfactant sustainability
  • pulcrACTIONS Tear resistance and light weight leathers


Since many years, Pulcra has a strong expertise in producing top-quality leather chemicals based with an exceptionally high portion of renewable feedstock. Signature products of Pulcra like Peramit ML-N, Grassan PA, Sirial TIS MF or Drasil 608 contain more than 90% of renewable carbon in their formulation and have been used by generations of tanners. Now, Pulcra has launched the game changing initiative Pulcra Naturalis® which is focusing on the promotion of a product portfolio with a high content of bio-based carbon. All products grouped in this new portfolio contain at least 80% of renewable carbon1. 

Why renewable carbon? 

The use of renewable feedstock is an important means for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of chemicals, and an important step towards carbon neutrality. A major part of embedded carbon in industrial or consumer goods, including leather or leather chemicals, eventually finds its way to the atmosphere as CO2. When working with fossil feedstock, the carbon used was bound in the earth, its release thus implies a strongly negative carbon balance. Renewable raw materials based on vegetable or animal feedstock have a much better carbon footprint: plants are binding CO2 from the atmosphere, and livestock is fed on a natural diet. Thus, by changing to renewable raw materials, the inflow of CO2 is stopped.  

What type of raw materials and products are  involved in Pulcra Naturalis® products? 

Natural oils are the bases for emulsifiers and fatliquors, which are used to clean, degrease or soften the leathers. The know-how of Pulcra Naturalis® is basically that the processing is done by conversion with carbon free or low-carbon components, so that the final product retains an unmatched biobased carbon content. Also, high-tech degreasing agents synthesized only with sugar and oil are a very good example that excellent performance and 100% renewable carbon can go hand in hand. Retanning agents containing amylose, cellulose or lignin components as well as products based on functionalized proteins are another example of how outstanding leather properties can be obtained with a purely natural products.

For what applications Pulcra Naturalis® products can be used?  

The new portfolio is extense and can be used for almost all types of leathers and furs. This involves low-emission car upholstery products, shoe uppers, garment leathers as well as the treatment of fine furs. Special focus is also given to alternative tanning materials, with the natural zeolite tanning materials for bovine hides and sheep skins. 

Pulcra Naturalis® is an important element in the Pulcra initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of the production of high-quality leather chemicals. Apart from the mere source of carbon also the energy for processing is reduced and optimized with regard to the output of CO2. The sourcing of raw materials is done in clusters of providers and partners in close vicinity to our local production plants over the globe. We are convinced that a contribution to prevent climate change and biodiversity loss needs to be done now, and this can only be achieved together with our suppliers and customers. Finally, the best promotion for the utterly sustainable material natural leather is to further reduce its environmental impact.

1 The content of bio-based carbon is determined by DIN EN 17035.

You can find all information here in the flyer in your national language for downloading:

PULCRA Protected Fatliquor Concept®

PULCRA Chemicals is a global solution provider for the leather industry offering the full portfolio of leather chemicals including a wide range of innovative benchmark fatliquors. 

The well-known brands SIRIAL®, PELLAN®, PELLASAN® and SEDAFLOR® have been used as main fatliquors by generations of tanners for decades. Constant innovation and development in the R&D laboratories of all PULCRA affiliates lead to ever new and improved fatliquors, which are adapted to the specific needs of the customers and meet the rapidly increasing requirements of product safety and regulations. While this development is a continuous improvement, PULCRA has made a revolutionary change in the attitude towards fatliquoring products with the introduction of the PULCRA Protected Fatliquoring Concept® (PrFC®).  

The basic idea behind this innovative concept is the realization that oxidation processes in leather are often related to the fatliquoring agent. Under the influence of heat and light, oxygen can be added to mainly conjugated double bonds of the fatliquoring agent, forming peroxide radicals and organic Peroxides. These components are highly reactive and lead to various degradation reactions in leather, with the formation of hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) being the most prominent. By protecting the fatliquor, it is possible to restrain the formation of Cr(VI) in chrome-tanned leather. 

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Pulcra Chemicals is a global company with outstanding engineering capabilities and unique processing knowledge. We look back on over 140 years of experience in the production of innovative specialty chemicals for the fiber, textile and leather industries. Our goal is the success of our customers, whom we support in the best possible way in product development, legal compliance and sustainability.

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Our success speaks for itself because we know what our target markets need. Working in very specialized fields, we focus on innovation, health, safety, sustainability and regulatory compliance of our products.

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In the fiber and textile market, we offer products and technical support along the entire production chain and for a wide range of end applications. With us, you will find tailor-made help when it comes to defining the final product properties and qualities of fibers, nonwovens, yarns, woven and knitted fabrics. Our product portfolio ranges from process auxiliaries for primary and secondary spinning to sizing, pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles.

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We equip leather manufacturers with a complete range of products which ensures the sustainable and efficient processing of hides in accordance with the highest quality standards for leather goods. Our customers can expect technologically proven solutions which fully meet the specific and diverse set of requirements.

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Over 3,000 customers: Fiber and nonwovens manufacturers, textile, and leather mills


Over 5,000 products


Represented in 16 countries


Around 1,000 employees worldwide with around 300 engineers and chemists. Approx. 200 employees at the German headquarters in Geretsried


We are where our customers need us: This statement is not just a promise, but a lived corporate philosophy at PULCRA Chemicals. At 16 facilities and with numerous additional agents and distributors – spread around the globe – PULCRA also offers specific product solutions as well as technical on-site service. Specialists from the R&D departments and furthermore an experienced team of engineers, technicians, sales and marketing staff develop customized solutions for you.

We live diversity and networking: Our product developers are well connected and cooperate in many ways, for example with research institutes, universities, associations and startups around the world. Innovation is a process that never ends. That’s why we are always involved when it comes to further improving a product feature. We work on this in our development laboratories around the world. Our global production network enables us to respond flexibly to customer requirements.